Review BMMF6

It cures all wounds. Another perspective to a music festival from a music lover!

On 5 December 2014, I went to get a wristband pass so that it did not get too crowded. The ground was a bit sloppy. Last night was the 4th of Dec and it was just raining. I was “praying” that there would be no rain (Ngao Khong Fon) tonight!

I bought a 1,500 – baht ticket but there were plenty of cheap tickets sold at 300 – 1,000 baht in the parking area. It felt like having to buy an expensive master CD because I had no choice, then some vampire copies were released and sold at a cheaper price LOL. As I walked in, I saw a small stage called Harn Puay Stage ( the Sick Duck) where we loved sticking around. The stage was mostly for indie music, modern rock and for international artists. At the Cow Stage, Earth was playing followed by Ploychompoo. This stage was the cutest, most chill and nice to sit around. There was very little cigarette smoke in the area too. However, there were no bands I wanted to see. I could “only” take some pictures for memories.

At Zone Pa Kao Ma (Thai loincloth zone), they arranged many square straw bales there. You could sit on them or lay down there when you got drunk and passed out. In the morning, strong sunlight would wake you up automatically. The Ferris Wheel Stage where Getsunova was playing is where I loved being at. Unfortunately, the area had so much cigarette smoke. I was a bit disappointed with the Ferris Wheel Stage which is the main stage because it is not as grand as the previous years.

The next stage is the Harn Stage with Apartment Khunpa performing. It was such a small stage with a big heart. Since this was a small stage, they could manage cigarette smokers better. Stage bodyguards (standing inside the fence) would use a flashlight pointing to those who smoked then the guards from outside the fence would ask them to leave the stage area so the non-smokers can get away from secondhand smoke. We could breathe in some fresh air while dancing. Music schedule for The Harn Stage is Apartment Khunpa, Shade, The Mousses, Klear, Desktop Error, Scarecrow (a French band), Greasy Cafe whom I am a big fan of, especially Lek. After watching Lek from Greasy Cafe, I was rushing to the main stage to see Paradox who is also my favorite! Their costumes always go with the festival theme.

It passed 1 a.m. in the morning. I expected the weather to get cooler, but it was still humid. I thought it was “Summer” time! After Paradox finished performing Summer (one of their famous music), I was rushing to get to the Harn Stage to see Flour and Ram Wong Bar by Joey Boy. We also met with Biw and Keng from a TV show, The Voice (Jo the big boss arranged a full team to meet his fan tonight). If you have seen The Voice, you would know he has got his hoarse voice from screaming too loud. The later it gets, the more active and energetic he becomes. I am now 26 years old. I do not drink, but I still like having fun. I ended up going back home at 6 a.m. that night.

On 7 December 2014, I arrived at the festival a bit early. The traffic was not as bad as the first day. Start with the main stage, The Richman Toy and Mild were performing. Even though I regretted it because I missed Palmy and Moderndog but that was completely fine since the main stage was a bit far from The Harn Stage. It was too far to walk for me. Music schedule for the Harn Stage today is Keng Songkran from The Voice, Ten to Twelve, Musketeers, Suki feats. Pod & Ben. I was the most impressed by Musketeers. I got to listen to Sqweez Animal for a little bit then I had to rush home. I did not want to get stuck in bad traffic on my way back. I did miss Lomosonic that night as well. If I am asked whether or not I will go again next year? Yes, I definitely will! Nothing has disappointed me about this event. Even though there were so many cars in the parking area which was completely normal, it was easy to find a parking spot. I entered the parking area from the back of the event so it was not too bad for me. However, I got a bit confused trying to find my way out of the parking area. Toilets were sufficiently provided. I did not go to the bathroom often because I was not drinking. You would also see drunk people laying on the ground or straw bales near The Harn Stage.

I have never seen people fight or any public sex act at the festival. If I saw anything inappropriate, I would inform the security guards. Mostly, people went to the festival to dance and enjoy the music. You would see some young people smoke cigarettes because they probably think they were cool which I don’t think that is true. However, I would say you should not take that seriously anyway. Relax and enjoy the music! This year’s festival has been improved a lot! Next year, if it is possible. I would love to see Polycat performing Pob Gun Mai or See you again?  #BMMF#7

CR. PANTIP Yak Me Ter Yoo Trong Nee (I need you here)