Review BMMF7

This is a trip called Keep my Promise from 2 years ago. Ease your heart into music at BMMF7

The story starts with me and my high school friends. We had a high school teenage dream of going to a grand music festival. At the time, we were young and not making any money. We could not afford buying a concert ticket. Our parents surely would not let us go either. Two years later, my friends and I were already university students and there we go, Big Mountain Music Festival 7! I was planning to go with my friends from high school, but I ended up going with my other friend. We got all excited about it. We were the very first people who bought tickets to the festival. They started selling tickets in October from what I could remember. I booked a place to stay right after we got our tickets. A ticket to Big Mountain Music Festival 7 was 1,600 Baht. I got to stay in a tent of Kang Kra Jan River Resort which costed us 200 Baht. We were looking forward to the festival which was on the 19th – 20th December. It was a perfect timing because we finished our exams on the 17th of December!

Here it comes… Big Mountain Music Festival 7. It was a grand festival! Our hearts started beating fast as we were ready for the fun! We got hungry and went to get food before doing anything else then we took a bunch of pictures to show our friends. We agreed to go get our pink wristband pass first before heading to our tent at the resort. Since we were one of the first 10,000 ticket buyers,  we got a free T-Shirt!

Let the fun begin! It was 5 p.m. As soon as we walked through the entrance, we were pumped! More and more people were walking in. I love a vibe like this. They said that a must-eat dish at the festival is rice and omelet. There were tons of food stalls inside. Here are some pictures below. The above 3 dishes belong to me and my friend. A plate of rice with omelet costed 50 Baht. We were now full of energy and ready to dance! The whole area was enormous, and each stage was located far away from one another.

We got to see Tono at the Cow Stage. The Ferris Wheel Stage was a main stage of the festival. I loved the Ferris Wheel Stage because it was well decorated. When the lights were on, the sky turned into different colors. It was crowded at the Ferris Wheel Stage because famous artists like Bodyslam and Potato perform there. On the first day, we visited these 3 stages and skipped the rest. We ended up going back to our tent at 3 a.m.

On the second day there, we were taking our time and got out of bed at 9 a.m. We had breakfast at the resort. Foodwise, a plate food of rice and something on the side costed 60 Baht. We were watching people enjoying themselves by the pool and getting ready to leave the resort for some fun.

It was getting warmer in the afternoon. We got to the stage area a bit early because we wanted to take some pictures. I asked my friend to bring a mat so we could sit on. The later it got during nighttime, the more fun it could be. The EDM lovers enjoyed music more during with the night vibe. There was a free body paint in the dancing stage area. We were staying at the main stage until later that night because we wanted to see our favorite bands. The highlight was when Potato was on stage, we were fascinated by fireworks lighting up the sky portraying a feeling of letting go and leaving sadness behind. We stayed up until 3 a.m. and caught a minivan back to Bangkok at 4 a.m. in the morning. Of course! that was truly exhausting. The minivan arrived in Bangkok at 6 a.m. It costed us 250 Baht for a minivan to get to Bangkok. I left the festival early because I had to catch a plane back to my hometown as well.

I was very impressed by the Big Mountain Music Festival 7, especially all the famous artists selected to perform there. Words articulated and vision painted to the audience about love made me think and contemplate love. I believe it worked the same way for many other people. “When love disappoints you so much, it does not mean love is your enemy. Open your heart. When time is right, good love will come to you” – said by Big Ass. Cocktails said that “Whether or not there are stars in the sky and whether or not we can possess those stars. That does not matter because we can together create them on earth.” – said by Cocktail

Lastly, thank you for reading my post! I wanted to share my awesome experience about the music festival to all of you. I did receive nothing for sharing and writing about this. The stories truly came from my wholehearted memory. Many apologies for my low-quality unfiltered pictures here. As I was writing this post, I felt happy I did not break my own promise from 2 years ago.

Take Care and See you soon!

CR: PANTIP MinnyDream_DM