Review BMMF9

The dirtier you get, the more experienced you are. Day 1 at the Big Mountain Music Festival 9 was so much fun!

I am writing this story on the 10th. The story I am about to tell is still fresh and new! I have just arrived Bangkok since 4 a.m. in the morning without sleeping. The Pepsi Big Mountain Music Festival was too much fun that I had to start writing about it as soon as I got back.

The Big Mountain Music Festivals have been held for 8 times and that was the 9th. The highlight of this festival was to bring back all the gimmicks from previous years. For example, a UFO from the District 9 Stage. Also, a collaboration between the Chic Stage and E-Tan Stage where all the indie bands were. Stage Tour which is so called Vuo Tour where the band Paradox is visited every stage in the festival!

We drove in the rain and got to The Ocean, Khao Yai at around 12 a.m. We hit the road since 7 a.m. but unfortunately got stuck in bad traffic the entire trip. Additionally, people were travelling out of Bangkok because of a long holiday. Finding parking was a bit confusing. They arranged parking for different types of vehicles: cars, VIP and VVP motorcycles, and parking for mass media staff which I could not find. I was asking people around there for assistance, but it didn’t work. I could not find reserved parking for media staff. I asked for assistance from staff in the area for assistance, but that did not work so I had to park in the visitors parking area. I found out later that the reserved area was muddy, so we got lucky we did not park there. By the time we got inside the festival, it stopped raining which was very fortunate. We had experience from the Fuji Rock, so we were quite prepared. We brought along boots and flipflops with us. Don’t worry if you did not bring them with you, people were out there selling boots, mats and plastic bags. You would also see many people waiting to buy resale tickets!

After receiving a wristband pass and a festival toolkit; festival map & information including show schedules of each single stage coming together inside a plastic bag. There was also a small piece of paper inside the bag. If you have never been to Big Mountain Music Festival, you might be asking what the paper was for. The paper was for you to write down your vote on the most delicious omelet dish at the Omelet City where all the omelet food stalls were. The vote result would be posted on their BMMF Facebook page. I have heard from my friends that an omelet place called Kai Jeo Lui Suan makes the most delicious omelet dish. It was my first time at the festival, so I got to try that famous omelet dish. It was served with came Nam Prik Ong (Northern chili paste) and deep-fried pork skin. Very delicious!

I forgot to tell you one thing. So, as I was walking through the gate, it really felt like being in a pine forest at Fuji Rock. The pine trees were decorated by small little lights. Very pretty. The weather was also getting cooler after it rained. I always thought in my head that the Big Mountain Music Festival would be held at Bonanza. It was quite dusty the year I went. This year’s location surely won my heart!

It was 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I got my food. Of course! It was rice with omelet then headed directly to the Egg Stage which was the stage nearby. An artist Tuan Thailand was about to perform there. I did not visit every stage because the whole place was too big. The bands I wanted to see were scattered around small stages. I tried to visit as many stages as possible so I could write stories about them. Tuan Thailand or Tuan Day Tripper has been on tour and recently released their metal hardcore and melodic punk music. Their music piece is also being sold abroad. His fans were waiting to see him. I would say Tuan did not have too many fans that night but those who came (Thai and Non-Thai) were a huge fan. They could sing every single song of his. I was watching him sing while eating! The first two songs were speed metal. The sound setting was not in place yet when he was singing on stage, so Tuan walked down to his audience with his mic pointing to the crowd. The whole crowd was singing with him. There was minor accident because people were jumping around so much.

The third song by Tuan was a Thai song which was released this year – 1,000 Miles which is also my favorite song. The song is about life journey. The next song he sang was about losing love – Blue Moon which has just been released a couple weeks ago. The melody of this song is quite nice but can certainly make you feel down. The song reminds you of their old school music. They introduced each member from the band by letting each person play their own solo part.

I was running around between different stages because there were so many bands I wanted to see at different stages. I did not get to see the entire performance of each band. Daniel Didyasarin would be performing next at the Chic Stage next to the Omelet City. It was their first time at BMMF! It was packed in front of the Chic Stage. Daniel was singing Khruangbin (Aeroplanes) while Max Jenmana was performing at the Cow Stage. The Cow Stage was two stages away from where I was. I ran to the Cow Stage. The field was wet and muddy. I did not run too fast because I did not want to fall and got wet. I ran halfway and stopped at Ram Wong Bar or God Si La (Godzilla). There was a Godzilla installation with fire coming out of his mouth decorated with blue ribbons. Also, there was a UFO flying above the stage which was quite a cool decoration. I did stop there and got to listen to the end of Into the Woods by Max Jenmana. He stopped singing and pulled out is in-ear. The audience was singing along.

I headed back from the Cow Stage to the Chic Stage for another song by Daniel Didyasarin, Waiting to See by. He was telling the crowd that Cee, the guitarist, has just released the newest single called What I wanted to Tell a few days ago before playing the next English song which they have just finished composing. The song is Britpop with fun rhythm and soft melody. The last song they played was heavy dark which I think is contradicting to his easy-going look!

At 5 p.m., we sneaked off to the Egg Stage to see Tabasco. I have never seen a live on-stage performance of Tabasco before. The Black Stage was at the back. Musketeer was performing Only You and Dancing.

As soon as the band was ready, they began their synth-pop intro. The first song they played was Princess of Discofloor followed by One Night Stand from Trasher Bangkok The Series and GMM TV Friend Zone – Make It Clear and followed Countdown which we should be familiar with the bassline. The last music was a pop rock song called Num Dtah Tuam Jor (Tears). Champ, the front man, jumped out of stage and danced along with his audience.

They were playing some old school songs from their first album 1984 which is not often heard anymore. Most songs from that album were fun and upbeat. Mick, the keyboard player, came down and hit cowbells together with his audience. The base player was also slapping his base on stage. It was amazing! The next song was I Luv Vodka. Champ, the front man, asked his audience to hug one another and dance along with the song. I did not expect a wild show like that. That might be because a younger generation like me are more familiar with a more modern version of Tabasco. Their rock music I is from the old days. I would say the performance exceeded my expectation.

The audience from the Black Stage was shouting “Somkiat is coming!” The performance at the Black Stage began 30 minutes late. Somkiat started playing their first song, Kho Won 1 (Together 1). The audience started singing along since the beginning of the show. The next song was Laew-Tae (Prank) which was a bit more upbeat and fun. Slower music like Ton Wai (Sweetless) and Kit Teung Kanaht (Thinking) from a newer album were also played. The sound of the audience singing was getting louder and louder there. Faster song like Chang Man (Whatever) was played again. It was another awesome dance song.

We went back to the Egg Stage to see Telex Telexs. Interestingly, they had intro music and tracks to link between songs which made the transition smoother. Both old songs and new songs were played; Labelle with heavy bass sound and Shibuya which is very popular among his fans. The audience could sing along word by word. The show continued and followed by the most recent song, D-Ok (The song Summer Dress D-Ok feat Aom). They also played Rueabai (Sailing Boat) which has just been rearrange. It sounds nicer. The next songs were Yood Truad (Love Chaser) and O-O (Ooh). Pew Telex was DJing a tropical house track before playing Sawn (B2B) and 16090 before we headed to a different stage. Telex Telexs was amazing that night. Everything went well. Aom’s voice was powerful and full of energy. It was so much fun.

At the Black Stage, Greasy Café was performing. His audience was singing along when their famous songs like Rabert Welah (Time Bomb), Roi Kra Prib Dta (Winks), Khwam Luean Lang (Fade Away) and Mun (Rotate) were being played on stage. I was enjoying myself with the rest of the audience too before heading to the Chic Stage. Paradox was about to play. They did a Vua Tour (Stage Tour) which means band touring every stage inside the festival. They came back this year to do Vua Tour again. I was a bit curious if Paradox would be playing the same music tracks. I did not want to be in an endless ocean of crowd at the main stage, so I decided to stay at the Chic Stage to see Paradox played. The Chic Stage started later than expected. Interestingly, a Japanese band P.O.P was performing some pop groove music right before Paradox came up.

I could not wait until Paradox finished at the Chic Stage because I really had to move to the Egg Stage where Suchmos was! I could not miss them because I flew all the way to Yokohama to see their amazing show before.

After I saw them in Japan, I have become their big fan. I could not sing any of their songs back then, but I am completely the opposite now. Suchmos started to get ready at 6:50 p.m. on stage. The crowd was packed up many people including his fans and general audience. Khing, my friend who was a former AE at Fungjai, introduced me to this band. We were standing in front of the stage and was ready to see theo awesome show on stage!

Suchamos, a Japanese rock group, flew for the first time all the way from Japan to the Big Mountain Music Festival for their live performance. I think their concert in Thailand was more exciting the one I saw in Japan. They did a little more of improvised sound check through the song Alright.

The moderator came onto stage giving a brief welcoming speech before the show began. The audience started screaming immediately as A.G.I.T, the first song was played. I thought they would be more like a secret band that nobody ever heard of, but the band turned out to be well known! The crowd was able to sing along with Younce (front man) leaving him with a surprised face. Khing and I together with other people in the very front were the loudest while singing. The next song was YMM Hsu. The song’s bass solo was wild. Younce also sang some bebop music like a pro before saying “Thank You” in Thai to the audience. “Damn, his Thai is better than his” – said by a random person next to me.

As Stay Tune, their popular song was being played, the crowd started to record the show using their mobile phone, out their phone to record the performance. “Hajimemashite” – said in Thai by Younce which means nice to meet you. He continued “This is our first time in Thailand. People have beautiful smiles. We also enjoy ourselves here and…. we are a big fan of Liverpool” He didn’t quite finish saying that yet, The Liverpool fans acclaimed. I could not connect what he said, but I knew for the fact that he did research on Thai.

The sound of Volt-age guitar was coming right up. I was screaming out loud. I noticed people started to shake their body. I think Younce looked happier with a big smile on his face in his live performance in Thailand. There is big difference between Thai fans and Japanese fans. Japanese fans are a bit more reserved. They prefer waving their hands than dancing or moving around. Thai fans dance like crazy, especially at the Big Mountain Music Festival. “Thank You” said by Younce again to the audience. Time flied! Younce requested the audience to continue dancing along with him in the last music. I would not dance like I did to the previous music. “Respect, respect the nature, respect the people, the earth. Thank you for smile. I love you Thailand” – they said it before performing their final song Life is easy. People were snapping fingers while singing along. Lastly, they stunned their audience with some perfect pitch ad-lib. They gave a goodbye bow to their audience. The moderator briefly interviewed the band. They said they felt honored and happy to be in Thailand and would come back in the future! I am hoping so too.

It was almost 8 p.m. I headed to the Chic Stage which was crammed with people. The next band was Whal & Dolph. I would say they are the pop band of the year. The spoken Google translated sound of “Whales are friends with Dolphins” in Chinese, Japan, Thai was said on stage to begin the show. His fans were screaming as they were welcoming the song Ouch. Por, the front man began the show with a lovely statement – Love Water, Love Fish, Love Whal & Dolph then performed Gep Tur Ao Wai Doo Gaun (Hanging On to You to See First). Seeing them in a full band for the first time was a lot better than listening to an audio version. Actually, Laeo Tur (And Then You) was supposed to be played next based on their playlist, but they chose Goodbye as the next song. Tthe crowd were screaming in tears and singing along loudly word by word. “I want to sing the next song in this pouring rain” (Yes! It was drizzling) He continued his speech “Go ahead and cry. No one would see you cry in the rain”

Mute was the next song. The singer asked his audience to turn on flashlight on their phone. That meant passing along some nostalgic memories to someone. Whal & Dolph is a very successful band. They have got a big crowd of fans. Unfortunately, I did not see the entire show because I got hungry and left for food. I got some Isan sausages but could not finish them. In my opinion, omelet was the best food around here! After eating, I went to back to the Black Stage to see the next band.

I have never seen The Yers live performance. I remember I have always missed the opportunity, so I am not going to miss it this time. I headed there seeing them play Aep Ro. I missed the first two songs Khuen Thi Puatrao and Keun Tee Fah Sawahng. From what I heard the audience sing Aep Ro, I could tell they have so many fans. They were packed with a variety of shows on stage. Followed by a song Saeng Lae Ngao and Siang (Sound) song from an acoustic album – Cry. Au, the front man mentioned that there might be an interruption from a different stage because they were about to play some acoustic music. Acoustic music sounds better in a silent surrounding because the instrument is organic. For me, listening to acoustic music requires a lot of attention and focus from the audience to deeply feel the music. The sound from other stages was interrupting our stage. The instrumental sound was so soft that I could not hear all of it, therefore, I did not fully feel the music. I thought that the band itself wanted to experiment their acoustic performance in a loud environment like that.

Back to some more upbeat song like Gliet (Hate) which was quite entertaining. Then they were playing the latest songs which have never been played anywhere. “I would like to thank everyone for being here tonight. I do not care if the music trend has changed and my songs have not been played much anywhere. I am going to sing them right here” – said by Au. I think the new songs were quite cool. I am now looking forward to a new mixed and mastered version to be released. The show was ended by a headbanging music, Rawang Khaprot. Quite fun.

At around 9 p.m., we rushed back to the Egg Stage to see Rasamee Isan Soul. The full band composed of Kong the guitarist, Ton Isan Harp player and Pang Russamee. As they came up onto stage, people were screaming out loud and welcoming them on stage. Her first song on stage was Arom (Emotion). We could not stop dancing because of its awesome bass solo.

We got to Lam Wong bar where they had a Godzilla installation with fire coming out of the mount. Yui Yad Yer was dancing and singing her old school hit songs. It felt nostalgic since we heard all these songs since the young age. I didn’t realize I could sing every song of hers; Tem Niew, Diew Deah, Jum Gun Bo Dai Ga, Bpok Mea Ma Duay and Fan Krai Mai Me Bpai Bok. Yui had her dancers dancing at the back of hers. Talking about dancers in a concert like this, I found out that there needs to be a lead dancer who is leading the dance crew and the rest is just following. If you take a closer look, the dancers were not dancing all together in harmony, especially those who were towards the edge of the stage. Dancing like that was surely good cardio workout. 

That was a fun medley! When the band was taking on a break, the moderator from Four’s Thailand came onto stage telling his audience that they were selling the band CDs with contacts at the back for business. Four’s Thailand was showing some Ram Wong (Thai Dancing) in a song Sa Vi Vee Vee, Ma Lai Nam Jai, and Tum Boon Ruam Chaat by Muang Sing. Joey Boy came to jam a bit. It was one of the many songs I have the most fun with. Believe it or not? I spent my time the most here!

I had a bit of time to visit different stages. I walked past a hip-hop stage which I was not sure who was singing. They were singing something like Kor Hai Ruay. I remember my friend told me before about a secret stage inside the festival located next to the giant cow sign. There was 3 bathrooms by its entrance decorated with some bright pink lights and luring you in. Oh boy! I was walking through The Cavity (Prong Mod Luk in Thai). The cave was decorated like an inside of a pelvic cavity. I figured that must be a Trasher stage! I was so looking forward to a Trasher Bangkok Party so that was a great opportunity to feel it.

A true guilty pleasure was me dancing to a song Umbrella by Ri Ri followed by Despacito, Single Lady, Anaconda, Low, Tokyo Drift, Turn Up the Love, The Time (Dirty Bit), Don’t Stop the Party. The fun continued by a male topless show. Imagine a show like Magic Mike where muscular men were dancing. I saw a girl next to me dance with a topless young boy which I found out later that we went to the same university as me. That was embarrassing! Well in a funny way. Towards the end of the show, the stage was blasted by many more Korean songs; Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, Bang Bang Bang and Solo. I felt that I had to carve their choreography as soon as I got home. I spent so much time at this stage too. It was very fun!

Next day, I felt exhausted from not getting enough sleep from last night. I had to take a little break from time to time. I walked past a hip-hop stage where The Toys and F. Hero were performing. Toy from The Toys was wearing a pink furry jacket which was quite funny in my opinion. The Toy was singing Tao Ngoi with Jintara Punlarp at this event earlier which I missed. As we walked back to the hip-hop stage, The Toys was singing Nawn Dai Laew, Gawn Ru Doo Fon, La La Loi, and the song Ra Tri Sa Wad which was quite impressive. I have never heard Toy sing in such key before, but I think he connected well with the song and could portray the mood very well.

Then we moved on to the Egg Stage to see Pai Song Koo Bor Kor Sor Doo. “What’s wrong with you guys here?” “You really don’t want to move anywhere huh?”  – asked by the moderator. They were questions I could not answer myself. The reason I was there was because I have never seen the band’s live performance. I have been listening to their music since the previous albums. Some of their songs were Tang Nam Kaeng, Pom Roo Dee Pom Kon Taew Nee and Ter Ting. I was laughing to myself thinking the band was wilder and more extreme than the avant-garde. The I saw them by accident at Whab playing Smoke on the Water followed by Ma Lai Yak Khub Rod Jib. It was so much fun that I felt that I had to see them live and that was my chance!

Spay foam was used to make the vibe more exciting as the first song was being played. The music was getting more aggressive. The singer was singing offbeat which was crazy! There was one guy shouting out to the band “That’s crazy. How the h*ll can I sing along with you?” I found that was quite funny. The band continued their show with a song Chun Jer Vua Pa Ko Ro Vo Ke which was quite a unique song. Ko Ro Vo Ke was being sung like an anthem. DJ Ong Ang was shouting out to his audience “Please make some noise for me and my nipples!!!”. Then he lifted his shirt. Ong Ang the front man also made fun of a different band like Lomosonic. He said “People like screaming and giggling when I take off my shirt because my body is hot like Boy Lomosonic” He continued his show by signing Wan Sam Kun Tang Saat Sa Na and Hotel California (Thai Version). He suddenly said loudly “Can I hear the voice from team sound engineers?” I figured The Front of House team might be confused by what he said. I was cracking up so hard. When it came to the solo part, DJ Ong Ang was telling the guitarist to do the solo part longer. “This is Big Mountain Music Festival, make it longer please!” said by Ong Ang.

After he finished singing that song, he was rambling before starting with the next song Tung Num Kaeng and Roon Nong Tee Paag. He took some of the lyrics- “Have you ever got hit in the mouth by a junior person?”  from Roon Nong Tee Paag (A junior hit you in the mouth) and put them into Tung Nam Kaeng. Ong Ang then proceeded with a song called Hen Chood Chun Nai while giving his posture like To from Silly Fool then followed by Ma Lai Yak Kub Rod Jib. Boom was shaking the rain shelter above him when his hands were free.

Ong Ang asked his audience to sing along. He was engaging his audience with typical questions a front man would ask. For example, “Can you please help me sing louder? I could not hear you at all” or “If you are single and alone tonight, make some noise please!” They also played a song Pa Nuk Ngan Suan Sud (Zoo Worker) which the audience could sing every single word starting from intro, verse, and chorus. “Who the hell are you?! I am a zoo worker” – the verse in Zoo Worker sung by the audience. After this song was finished, the stage was engulfed by a big cloud of smoke. “Fire!!” – someone shouted. I was cracking up so hard. Ong Ang was telling us the story behind the next song  Nak Kaan, the aim of the song was initially to criticize the principle of his own university. The lyrics were supposed to criticize today’s society. I did not expect the band to talk about social criticism. I had so much fun that I believe I would go to their next concert.

I had to leave the Egg Stage for the Black Stage to see The Super Glasses Ska Ensemble which was the last band for me. Another band I have never seen live on stage. DJ Max or Max Poomjit, the front man, entertained his audience since the beginning of the show towards the end. He asked his audience to swing their arms together when dancing in a music like Ya Oh. Reggae and ska music lovers were especially cooperative. I did not realize how painful my legs got from a wild dance. DJ Max said that he would not normally do crowd surfing in ska music but not tonight. His audience was saving him. That was so entertaining that I forgot my legs ached.

Sweet Sunshine, a recently released dance single music from Rudy was performed following by some other hit songs like Ta Ton Yon with Keep Skanking before welcoming a newborn band from Hotwave Music Awards, Full Feel Ska. These kids were so little! They made ska music for music contest. They were jamming on stage using Summer by Paradox and Happy by Pharrel Williams before ending the night with a song A Night On The Dance Floor. The line of chorus between Ice and Max. Quite impressive.

Let the fun continue on Day 2 with Metal Hiphop and Molum at The Big Mountain Music Festival 9

Welcome to Day 2 at the Big Mountain Music Festival 9. I was starting my day slowly because I wanted to take my time from having a wild night the night before. Later that day around 7 p.m., I got to see Palmy at the Ferris Wheel Stage. Honestly speaking, I did not walk all the way to the Ferris Wheel Stage the other day. The lineup I wanted to see was towards the right side of the festival which was far away. Though, that did not mean I didn’t want to see other bands performing at the main stage. I just did not want to be packed in an endless ocean of crowd. I made it to the main stage where I had to walk across from the other side of the festival on day 2.

The muddy field was drier on day 2 so it did not feel too dirty when I walked on. I was standing at a distance while Palmy was performing on stage. The audience was holding a light stick in their hands waving up rhythmically with the music. Palmy was singing some a slow music, Khwam Song Cham Si Chang. Palmy has been one of my favorite artists since I was littler. I saw her once at A Day Tribute many years ago. Seeing her at Big Mountain Music Festival was my second time which was also very exciting for me. The next song sung by her was a current big hit Khwam Cheppuat (Pain), followed by Saun Glin which was drawing more people in.

Palmy continued her show with a song Fa Song Chan Ma. Her live performance and all the songs from that night were incredible. They also reminded me of my childhood. It was not only her classic music that were selected to perform on stage, but also some powerful rock song like Thampen Mai Thak. The song gave me goosebumps even though I was standing far away from the stage. The song Ohh and Yak Rong Dunk Dunk which built a great reputation to her were also performed. People were having fun and dancing around. The fun continued with Tik Tok! She was doing some rapid ad-lib Tik Tik Tik from the song Tik Tok. In the meantime, I saw it via an LED screen that Palmy was singing barefoot again! I figured that must be her signature when performing on stage. She was not only a good entertainer, but her ability to use her voice and lips were way beyond any artists I know of. As I was walking towards a different stage to see my other favorite band, I was not sure if the show was ending yet since I heard the intro part of Saun Glin coming up again.

I was curious why the band Apartment Khunpa was arranged to play at the smallest stage like the Egg Stage, especially when the band has been around for so long. It is possible that the band might want to try out their performance on a small stage. I got to the Egg Stage around 8 p.m. while the band Apartment Khunpa was playing Next Station. There were several people at the stage singing along with the band. Tul, the front man, said he was about to play a song from their very first album, Kam – Pang. The rapping part could draw a lot of attention from the audience. The crowd was screaming loudly. The band was hoping that the song would be the next utopia. The next song was Saeng Lae Ngao from their 5th album. After all slow songs were finished, Tul asked his audience for a promise to dance along in the next song, Rabert Welah (Dancefloor Bomber) “Are you ready?” asked by Tul the front man. The crowd was singing along as Tul started singing. The last two songs were Suea Ronghai, a song from Romantic Comedy album and Mai Ruchak Chan Mai Ruchak Thoe.

In the meantime, another rock band, Nobuna, was performing at the Black Stage at the back. I saw a bunch of topless moshing men (running around and bumping into each other). If I was not wearing flip flips that day, I probably would have joined the mosh pit. My Battle Cry was being played for the first time on a big stage like this. Chang, the front man, was singing Show Me the Way with his powerful voice. Their last song was Your Masquerade. It truly impressed rock music lovers. I was running to the Chic Stage too see Yann. Their last song was heavy rock with powerful improvisation which did not sound familiar to me. Usually, Yaan’s music is more like an ambient folk style.

While a few staff were setting the stage for the next performance, I went to get some delicious noodles with Tom Yum soup. I would say that was the most delicious dish I ate there. After finished eating, we rushed back to see Jinta who was about to come on stage. The lights were dimmed. They began their show with a new song Behind the Eyes. Tee, the front man, said that they were not planning on playing the song and only wanted to sound check for a different band, thus they were not being prepared. The song was unexpectedly beautifully played. I felt that the music portrayed the same feelings as Thom Yorke.

The second song played was an alternative song Kluen (Waves) which would be the new release. Jinta’s new songs in the next album would be more intense. The band proceeded with the next song Ke Sorn Dok Mai (Rapel). As it started, people who were sitting on straw bales got up immediately and started to dance along. “We are going to have a new member joining us tonight!” – said by Tee, the front man. The man he was talking about was Max from Penny Time. Maan (Devil), a brutal dark rock music, was coming up next. The show ended by a song Fhin Nhao (The Winter Opium) “I got shot and died….” was being sung. The stage lights and sound effects were giving cold feelings and created violent vibes which were also being portrayed by the song. It felt more intense as I could feel what the artist was trying to convey. That was a crazy, yet impressive show.

We were heading to Ram Wong Bar where Jintara Poonlarp, one of the highlights, was. Her fans from all over the county traveled there to see her live performance, especially her singing Tao Ngoi, one of the biggest hits now. The dancers came to stage prior to Jintars appearance. Thunder and lightning strike sound effects were on as Jintara was walking up the stage. Her dancers were quite well-praticed with more creative and exotic dancing style than those of Yui Yard Yer from my observation. I had to admit that I could not follow their dance steps, so I made up my own. People were dancing along the extended version of Tao Ngoi which the fans were looking forward to. Surprisingly, people were leaving right after that song was finished. I was not leaving with the crowd because I wanted to hear the next songs: Namta Sao Warin, Jai Cham Thi Kham Cha Not, Rak Salai Dok Fai Ban and some more medley towards the end. The show was ended by the song Tao Ngoi.

It is the Egg Stage time again! No Party For Cao Dong, a Taiwanese rock alternative band, started their show on time. I am not their big fan, so I never listened to any of their songs. Starting from the first song called (Chou) which was introduced to me by my friend, Khing, right before coming to the Big Mountain. The highlight was the beginning of the song. It was an alternative groove with a combination of drum and guitar. I went to the Trasher Stage afterwards we I could dance some more. Listening and dancing to an alternative song like that was one of my top guilty pleasures.

We walked back to the Egg Stage as the band Desktop Error would be performing soon. Thousands of people were looking forward to them. The opening song was Pa Fhan. Its melody was soft and fun. The sound from Bird’s guitar helped convey the music feelings very well and followed by Tuk Tuk Wan (Everyday). The audience was singing along loudly. The band proceeded with an extended version of Kuen Tee Mai Pok Ka Ti (Abnormal Night) which was not normal.

Kwun Jahng Lah, another song with a nice melodic pre-chorus, was played next. Pop Pa La Jak was like an anthem of a heartbroken and moving on music. They did a good job on portraying the song’s feeling. Nam Khang (Dew), a heartbroken song with an intense guitar sound. I was standing right in front of the pre-amplifier so I could hear everything loud and clear. The next coming up song was also my favorite dance song – Pud Ju Ban Na (Presence). The song was Tang Dao, another wild upbeat song where Meng, was quite a hard hitting drumme. Another show from Desktop Error that did not disappoint me.

The end of the second day was approaching. As I was walking past a hiphop stage, I heard Ow La Voe and Yoo Mai Ning by Twopee. I tried to sneak out get omelet. People were saying Thaitanium was about to perform. After getting my omelet, I was rushing back to the stage where was crowded trying to find a place to sit so I can see them. They started their first song Sa Bai Dee Roo Bplao followed by Mai Wai Laew and Sood Kob Fa. A while later, Dajim was about to get on stage. Their performance was another highlight and I was hoping to hear them sing some underground music.

Starting with a song Meen Buri from Show Me the Money Thailand. The gangster rap song was cool but a little bit disturbing. I wasn’t sure if I should be dancing along or laughing since I found the song quite funny. Many more songs like Dajim Dajazz, Dajim Rap Thai, Niew Nan Nub, Gig Tour Thai, and more underground songs Ya Hai Gu Jer, Rok Bid and Mun Yoo Tai Prom kept on coming up. The funny thing was all my friends at the concert with me grew up listening to Dajim songs, so they were able to sing every single song! Between songs, they put on an auto sound “Dajim in da house…” which the audience kept on repeating after. The audience kept on repeating “Dajim in da house” even without the auto sound.

The band asked their audience about what they wanted to hear next. “740!” – somebody spoke loudly. The name actually was 704 which is a ghost song. The band sat down and began telling a ghost story before singing the actual song. The sound effect was on portraying lonesomeness The lights were dimmed while turning purple. It was a total shift in music mood as Hau Wau Yow was played next followed by Pe Kra Jhoo and Ah Na Non. More and more old school underground music kept on coming up; Ying Dee Nuk, Fung Na Fung, Ta Non, Rua, Long Mai, and Yok Yai. If you grew up in the 90s, you probably have heard of these songs before. It was 2 a.m. We still wanted to stay up to see the concert. Khing, my friend, was sitting right behind us being sleepy. I felt bad for him, so I decided to head back to our accommodation. The night ended there! It was the best idea to stay at the hip-hop stage as the last stage that night. It was nostalgic. I got to listen some old school 90s music.

I am sure the Big Mountain Music Festival is one of the many music festivals a lot of people marked on their calendar. There are a few more music festivals like Cat Expo, Wonderfruit and the newest one –  Maho Rasop. Each music festival has got its own characteristics and their own selected artists. The Big Mountain Music festival might not be a kind of event I would not go to because the lineup does not match my music preference. It was an accident I ended up being there in 2013 because Black Rebel Motorcycle was reported to be performing there. I decided to go to BMMF5 in 2013 at Bonanza, Kao Yai. That was the very first time I went to the BMMF unplanned. After my ticket was bought, I started to look for a ride to get there in the morning and come back later the same day. The best moment for me at the festival was me sitting on a straw bale eating omelet by myself after seeing each favorite band. That was a big part of my good memories about the music festival.

I had no doubt about the BMMF9. It was amazing and exceeded my expectation. The festival was well planned and organized. The ATIM machine was not working, but it was not a major problem. Big thanks to a cashless trend. However, some people were complaining about the muddy field because the ground was wet from the rain. The weather is usually hot and getting cooler at night. So rains made the year more special.

I think a wet muddy ground is normal for a music festival. I have seen a Facebook post about Maho Rasop music festival on my friend’s wall before. He said that if you want convenience, stay home. Weather is an uncontrollable factor, especially at an outdoor festival which you should expect the uncertainty. What we can do it be prepared! Bring along your raincoat, field chairs, and mat. After it rained, the staff covered up the wet ground with dry straw so people could still stand on.  I think that was a good idea.

Another uncontrollable factor was traffic. Since it was a huge music festival, a lot of people brought their own cars. It took me an hour to find my way out of the festival which could have taken could have taken 3 hours from what I have heard. Motorbike taxi drivers were driving recklessly all over the place because there were also many people taking public transport. It costed around 100 Baht from the main street to the festival which to me costed an arm and a leg. I got lucky I only paid 100 Baht for 2 people on the same motorbike. I would say motorbike taxis were a huge factor that caused bad traffic. The road was wet, so it was quite rough trying to find a way out.

The heart of a music festival it needs a good lineup. There was a big variety of artists and music. I got to see all the bands I wanted to see as well as listening to all kinds of music e.g. ska, hip-hop, electronics, mor lum (northern style music) and comedy. I got to see many bands I have never seen them live before. I am really looking forward to the next BMMF10 which I am sure would surprise us.

Time for bed! I got Wonderfruit and Hongian Music Festival 4 at Si Sa Ket coming up next!!.

Stay wild and see you soon!

CR: Fungjai – Montira Virojpan